Studies in 20th Century European History

Special issue of Remembrance and Solidarity Studies about the legacy of 1989 available online!

The special issue of Remembrance and Solidarity. Studies in 20th Century European History has just been published online. This issue is entirely devoted to the changes of 1989 and their legacy.

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Remembrance and Solidarity Studies

Remembrance and Solidarity. Studies in 20th Century European History is a platform for exchange of views between researchers of the history of Central Europe. Texts published on the website will form the basis of scientific studies. The bulletin is addressed to the scientific community (academic staff, undergraduates, graduate students, etc.) as well as a broad group of history enthusiasts (teachers and other interested individuals).

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Remembrance and Solidarity Studies no. 4: The Memory of Economic Crisis - Call for Articles

The usual subjects of memory studies – wars, revolutions, genocides. and other political upheavals – are clearly marked by museums and monuments, and return to public consciousness at regular, rounded intervals. In contrast, economic crises are less likely to be commemorated by states, and they usually have no clear anniversary moments.

Yet economic crises – depressions, recessions, famines, shortages, and hyperinflation – also have a tenacious, if less obvious, hold on popular memory. Indeed, memories of war and revolution often center on the economic experience of those events. The physical, psychic, and material effects of such crises may long outlast more easily commemorable phenomena. Our era of recurring systemic crises provides a vantage point from which to consider how societies, cultures, and institutions are and have been marked by the memory of previous events.

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First World War Centenary

The second issue of the academic periodical of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity is now available online! 

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