Opening of the exhibition “Freedom Express. Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989” in Budapest

The exhibition was officially opened in Budapest in front of the National Museum on 2 July by Zoltán Balog, Hungarian Minister of Human Resources.

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Exhibition ‘Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989’ in Budapest

30 June - 8 August 2015, National Museum in Budapest 


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Meetings with Sandra Kalniete in Warsaw and Kraków

Meetings with Sandra Kalniete, author of the book With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows took place on 22 June in Warsaw (Bookstore Matras, Nowy Świat 41, 5:30 pm) and on 23 June in Kraków (Bookstore “Pod Globusem”, ul. Długa 1, 6:00 pm)

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16 June 1989 – Imre Nagy’s reburial

On 16 June 1989 an official public funeral of Imre Nagy, former prime minister and leader of the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was held. Nagy, executed in 1958, was rehabilitated 31 years after his death. About 250 000 Hungarians gathered at the funeral to give honours to the person, who became a symbol of the struggle for freedom against Soviet rule.

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Call for Articles - Remembrance and Solidarity Studies Issue no. 5: "Holocaust/Shoah"

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