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25th Anniversary of the Romanian Revolution

In mid-December 1989 events in Timisoara launched the revolution which resulted in overthrowing the long-term Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. Before the dictator and his wife were sentenced to death and executed, over a thousand people were killed and several thousand injured in riots.

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The anniversary of the Martial Law in Poland

13 December marks the 33rd anniversary of introduction of Martial Law in Poland. An authoritarian government, led by General Wojciech Jaruzelski and the Military Council of National Salvation (WRON), introduced severe political oppression in an attempt to crush political opposition. 

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The exhibition 'Roads to 1989. East-Centre Europe 1939-1989' is now open in Warsaw!

28 Nov. - 15 Dec., Warsaw (Krakowskie Przedmieście)

The exhibition was officially opened on 28 November by prof. Małgorzata Omilanowska, Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Photos from the opening

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Online exhibition ‘Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989’

The exhibition documents the complicated processes through which this part of Europe regained its freedom from communist dictatorship. Apart from its international tour, everyone can visit the online version of the exhibition.

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Freedom Express - opening of the exhibition in Brussels

On 18 November, 2014 an official opening of the open air exhibition ‘Freedom Express’ took place on Esplanade Solidarność 1980, in front of the European Parliament. 

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Memory Practices and Memory Studies in Bulgaria

Genealogies of Memory Project

28 November 2014, 18:00

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Al. Ujazdowskie 33/35, Warsaw

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Memory of Nations Awards 2014 presented!

Czech teacher Dana Vargová, German activist Manfred Matthies, Hungarian intellectual Janos Kenedi, Polish dissident Kornel Morawiecki, and Slovak priest Anton Srholec received the European Memory of Nations Awards in the National Theatre in Prague.

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Join the network of institutions and organizations dealing with the 20th–century history!

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has launched a unique project in order to foster cooperation of research centers, NGOs, museums, galleries and memorials dedicated to the previous century.

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