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The Institute of ENRS is looking for collaborators to research cultures and politics of memory in selected European countries.

A future part of the ENRS Institute's research team, the collaborators are going to focus on monitoring and analysis of cultures and politics of memory in selected European countries and drafting monthly reports concerning them.

We are looking for graduates of university programmes in humanities, doctoral students and PhD holders ready to join our efforts and interested in subjects related to memory politics and cultures of memory in European countries. We offer opportunities in terms of cooperation with an international institution dealing with history and memory, contact with specialists in that field, royalties, as well as professional development opportunities, e.g. by participating in our workshops.

The Institute of ENRS will send official outcome of the recruitment process to all candidates within the first week of July 2017.


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>> See the rules governing the recruitment

>> See a sample contract

Application deadline: 22 May 2017

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