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The Pact was signed on 23rd of August 1939 on the Kremlin by the ministers of Foreign Affairs of Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Soviet Union was represented by Vyacheslav Molotov and Germany by Joachim von Ribbentrop. A document that was presented to the world as a non-aggression Pact was in fact an invasion plan. Within the pact lie the secret protocol that carved the continent into two spheres of influence, split between two totalitarian systems – that of Nazi Germany and that of Soviet Union.

The secret protocols granted mutual support for the War that Germany started a week later with the invasion of Western Poland, and followed by Soviet Union’s invasion of Eastern Poland. The sphere split central Europe in two, its peoples, its cultures and erased independent states: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.

To read the full text of the Non-Aggression Pact in English, click here.

You can click and enlarge the image below to see the original document in German.

Secret protocol


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