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23 August 2011 Poland

The European Day of Remembrance for Victims of the Totalitarian Regimes, a conference held on 23 August 2011 in Warsaw, was hosted in cooperation with the Institute of National Remembrance and the Warsaw Uprising Museum by Poland’s minister of justice, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, as part of Poland’s EU presidency.

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23 August 2012 Hungary

The European Memorial Day of the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes in 2012 took place in Budapest, Hungary. The official state commemorative service began outside the House of Terror Museum where the representatives of European nations jointly participated in candle lighting in memory of the victims of totalitarian regimes.

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23 August 2016: Slovakia & Hungary

This year's official commemorations took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Budapest, Hungary.

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23 August 2013 Lithuania

During the EU Council Presidency in 2013, Lithuania soke progress in the sphere of remembrance of totalitarian crimes and their victims. Lithuania continued the tradition of organizing Europe-wide events to commemorate the victims of totalitarian crimes, which was launched by Polish Presidency in Warsaw, 23 August 2011 and in 2012 was carried on by Hungary in Budapest.

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