5th European Remembrance Symposium: 1956. Contexts, Impact, Remembrance / Budapest

Budapest, 24-26 May 2016

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8 May 1945 - End of the Second World War in Europe

The Act of Military Surrender of the Third Reich signed in Berlin ended the Second World War in Europe. It was signed shortly before midnight local time on 8 May 1945 by the representatives of the German army, the Soviet Union, and the allied forces.

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First edition of „In Between?” project – short summary

The first edition of the project “In Between? Searching for local histories in borderlands of Europe” took place from 31 March to 10 April. 24 young Europeans participated first in workshops in Warsaw and later in study visits in 4 European regions: Lubuskie region (Poland), Banská Bystrica region (Slovakia), Transylvania (Romania), and Bukovina (Ukraine).

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Guidelines for international discourse on history and memory - join the signatories

Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th-century European History

The memory of economic crisis

The newest issue of Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th- Century European History is available online

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