6 March - European Day of the Righteous

On 6 March we celebrate the European Day of the Righteous – a day to commemorate all those who stood up against totalitarianisms and crimes against humanity, who fought for life and dignity of other people.

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1 March: The National Day of Remembrance of the „Cursed Soldiers”

This national day commemorates members of the independence underground who in 1945 (and partially even in 1944) started an armed struggle against the communist regime in Poland and its Soviet patrons.

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Memory of the victims of communism in Hungary

25 February has been celebrated as the Memorialv Day for the Victims of Communism in Hungary since 2000. Also, the end of the Second World War marks the beginning of deportations and forced labour in the Soviet Union. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of deportations, the Gulag Memorial Committee was set up.

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Call for Articles - Remembrance and Solidarity Studies Issue no. 5: "Holocaust/Shoah"

Join the network of institutions and organizations dealing with the 20th–century history!

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has launched a unique project in order to foster cooperation of research centers, NGOs, museums, galleries and memorials dedicated to the previous century.

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Online exhibition ‘Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989’


The exhibition documents the complicated processes through which this part of Europe regained its freedom from communist dictatorship. Apart from its international tour, everyone can visit the online version of the exhibition.

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