Freedom Express -openning of the exhibition in Brussels

On 18 November, 2014 an official opening of the open air exhibition ‘Freedom Express’ took place on Esplanade Solidarność 1980, in front of the European Parliament. 

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Memory Practices and Memory Studies in Bulgaria

Genealogies of Memory Project

28 November 2014, 18:00

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Al. Ujazdowskie 33/35, Warsaw

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Memory of Nations Awards 2014 presented!

Czech teacher Dana Vargová, German activist Manfred Matthies, Hungarian intellectual Janos Kenedi, Polish dissident Kornel Morawiecki, and Slovak priest Anton Srholec received the European Memory of Nations Awards in the National Theatre in Prague.

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Exhibition "Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989" in Brussels

17-22 November, Brussels, Esplanade Solidarność 1980

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November 11, 1918

The First World War officially ended on 11 November 1918 by signing the agreement by Allies and Germany - marking the victory of the first and underlying the German defeat.

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The 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

After the Second World War, as a result of the policy adopted by the Great Powers, Germany was divided into two states. 
The western part was occupied by the Allies, while the eastern part found itself under the influence of the Soviet Union. Berlin, as the capital city of the Third Reich, was also eventually divided into the various spheres of influence of the victorious states.

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Freedom Express Study Trip summary

30 August – 13 September 2014

For fourteen days, twenty young people from ten European countries travelled around Europe in the footsteps of 1989. Artists, journalists and historians chosen in an international contest visited six countries in Europe in a two-week period, starting from Solidarity's Gdańsk, through Timisoara in Romania, ending in Berlin. 

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Join the network of institutions and organizations dealing with the 20th–century history!

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has launched a unique project in order to foster cooperation of research centers, NGOs, museums, galleries and memorials dedicated to the previous century.

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