I World War - a centenary of the outbreak

100 years ago, on 28th July 1914, one month after the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrillo Princip, Austia-Hungary declared war on Serbia which did not approve an ultimatum given by Austria-Hungary.

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Memory of Nations Awards

The Memory of Nations Awards will be presented in the National Theatre in Prague to individuals whose actions help to prove that honour, freedom, and human dignity are not just empty words. The nominees include twenty individuals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. The winners will be announced during a gala on 17 November in Prague.

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Romanian version of ENRS website

Following the decision of the Romanian Minister of Culture to join ENRS, basic information about ENRS are now available on our website also in Romanian: http://enrs.eu/ro/about-us

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Freedom Express


Date: 29.08 - 14.09.2014
Participants: up to 20 people aged 18-28
Route: Gdańsk, Warsaw, Budapest, Timişoara, Sopron, Bratislava, Prague and Berlin

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Prof. Małgorzata Omilanowska - new Minister of Culture in Poland

Professor Małgorzata Omilanowska was apppointed the new Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. She was Under-secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture since 2012. She was appointed Minister of Culture after her predecessor, Bogdan Zdrojewski, became Member of European Parliament in May 2014.

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Special issue of Remembrance and Solidarity Studies about the legacy of 1989 available online!

The special issue of Remembrance and Solidarity. Studies in 20th Century European History has just been published online. This issue is entirely devoted to the changes of 1989 and their legacy.

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Communism falls on Facebook. Like it?

How to talk in an interesting way to the young people about the events which took place 25 years ago and changed the history of Europe?

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Join the network of institutions and organizations dealing with the 20th–century history!

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has launched a unique project in order to foster cooperation of research centers, NGOs, museums, galleries and memorials dedicated to the previous century.

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