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Five years ago, in 2010, the Secretariat of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity was established. Since then we have carried out many activities, projects and events. We invite you to fill in a questionnaire, which will enable us to formulate recommendations for further improvement of the ENRS programmes.

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Conclusions of the European Remembrance Symposium in Vienna

The second day of the4th International Symposium of European institutions dealing with 20th-century history in Vienna was opened by the Federal President of the Republic of Austria Dr Heinz Fischer who addressed the participants saying that to discuss means to ask questions, to learn from history, and to draw conclusions.

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8 May 1945 - End of the Second World War in Europe

The Act of Military Surrender of the Third Reich signed in Berlin ended the Second World War in Europe. It was signed shortly before midnight local time on 8 May 1945 by the representatives of the German army, the Soviet Union, and the allied forces.

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Call for Articles - Remembrance and Solidarity Studies Issue no. 5: "Holocaust/Shoah"

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