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The Battle of Warsaw, called  Miracle on the Vistula was fought on 12-15 August 1920 during the Polish-Bolshevik war. 

Poland on the edge of defeat, suddenly managed to push back the attacking Red Army and win over the great enemy power. It was listed by lord Edgar D’Abernon, British ambassador to pre-war Poland as the 18th most important battle in the History of the World. It was in fact, Polish victory over the communism which was going to spread and flood Europe.

The operational plan of the battle was constructed by gen. Tadeusz Rozwadowski, col. Tadeusz Piskor and cpt. Bronisław Regulski on the base of the general idea of Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Red Army forces were commanded by Mikhail Tukhachevsky. On August 15, Polish soldiers unexpectedly managed to break Soviet attack and switched to push back the Red Army and force the Soviet units to withdraw to the East.

The defeat of the Red Army stopped the Soviet expansion into the West and with several smaller Polish victories it made it possible to save Polish independence and set up a peace treaty with Soviet Russia and Soviet Ukraine.

August 15 is celebrated in Poland as a Feast of the Polish Armed Forces to commemorate 1920 year and the Miracle on the Vistula.